Columbia House Box Sets Flyer

Inside a record I found this flyer for box sets. If you crate dig, you’ve seen box sets galore, usually they look almost unplayed, but they usually, they are also music that few people listen to today. Check out some of these great vinyl box sets from the 1970s.

During this time, when they spoke of the Fabulous ’50s, it was NOT rock ‘n’ roll.
Ray Conniff still has a following today.
My parents had an album of Johnny Cash and Tammy Wynette called The King and Queen of Country Music.
I dig the little piano by The Golden Age of Country Music box.
Hank Williams is one of my favorites, but most audiobuffs would tell you to stay away from “re-created in dynamic stereo” and just stick with the original glorious mono.
Of course, classical music is why the LP (long playing) record was invented.
Percy Faith is one of my favorites.
Of course the mailer is included.
This is a separate little piece of paper. Why have a separate piece of paper just for a guarantee? I have no idea.


  1. I’ve probably seen some of those at thrift stores. And as you say, it’s not really the type of stuff most people listen to anymore, so, sadly, they’d often be the first to go in ye olde dumpster when the stores want to make room for other records. Feels like, especially with more non-descript collections, they can’t even give them away! :/


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