1956-57 Sears Catalog

Sears, Robuck, & Co. Fall and Winter 1956-1957 spine

Sears, Robuck & Co., or what we always called Sears & Robuck, along with other department stores sometimes published hardback versions of their catalogs. As the plate below states, it is supposed to be a permanent record or our times” but unfortunately libraries eventually run out of space and purge items not used. I was lucky enough to grab three of these hardback catalogs. I already posted one from Sears, 1961. The other one is from J. C. Penny, and I’ll post it later.

Inside front cover

There are a lot of photos, so I hope you are not on dial-up!

Gray coats are what they chose to use for a rare color page.
Fur coats.
ladies’ hats.
Even among the glamour,
Blow dryers and vibrators
Reducing AIDS is something we can all agree with.
I paid over $200 for my leather jacket in high school, 1980s.
Allstate Motorcycles
At least this one has red and blue.
Not sold in departments stores today!
The feathers remind me of the fantastic movie Easy Living.
the Cowboy influence can be seen.
Does anyone still use sun lamps?
Ah, the Geiger counter, a popular gift in the 1950s, I am sure.
Dig the fur collar.
Random pages showing patterns of 1957.
Kenmore washing machines.
Funky coffee table on the bottom.
Who doesn’t love these old lamps?
Grills really haven’t changed much.
J.C. Higgins bicycles.
Wanna guess what those pedal cars are worth now?
Build your own skyscraper! Jets and toy guns.
Dolls that cry. Just what we need.
That switchboard is cool, never seen one of those.
You could buy a saddle from Sears!
Buy a burro!
My Dad had one of these old metal-body drills
Craftsman tools!
Pink, pink, pink.
Interesting that they only use women in the TV screens.
Back when it really was work to do the laundry.
These Formica tables with chrome can really last a long time.
Those pole lamps are really practical.
“Health” items.
I bet those Lionel trains would be worth a penny today. I like the Allstate service station myself.
Some pretty cool toys here. Radios! Pogo sticks, and toy cars. And a Kit Carson figure.
Build a Cootie! I remember those from the ’70s.
Melmac dishes last forever. We still have some that we use for snacks.
All I can say about the exotic pets is, “wow.”
but it broke a tooth that holds the bit. It was super cool. And heavy!
Love them.
There is a blog with the name “Save the Pink Bathrooms!”

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