Dr. Killdare Paperbacks

Dr. Kildare was first written by famed Western novelist Max Brand. On TV it became like a soap opera. A soap opera seems like a whole different ranch from Brand’s other stuff, but there you have it. Kildare spawned a life of his own and lived way longer than Max Brand did.

Jim Kildare faced his greatest challenge – as a doctor and as a man

Dr. Kildare’s Crisis by Max Brand.

A daring operations saves the life a beautiful girl, but puts Dr. Kildare before a relentless court of justice

Dr. Kildare’s Trial by Max Brand

She had a big problem – so big it almost broke Dr. Kildare’s heart

Dr. Kildare’s Secret Romance by Norman Daniels. With a full-sized autographed PIN-UP of Richard Chamberlain!

the brilliant intern, a lovely young socialite – his desperate race to save her life

The Secret of Dr. Kildare by Max Brand.

A beautiful artist, a famous senator… their lives were in Jim Kildare’s hands

Dr. Kildare’s Finest Hour by Norman Daniels. With a wallet-sized color-photo of Richard Chamberlain!

A scarfed face, a broken heart, but a will to live…

Dr. Kildare: The Faces of Love by William Johnston. Don’t get excited by the autograph, each copy of this edition has it.


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