Workman HS Class of 1969 Yearbook

Workman High School – Pioneer Yearbook (Industry, CA) – Class of 1969

Industry (AKA City of Industry) is a suburb of Los Angeles in the San Gabriel Valley. Big businesses you may be familiar with that are headquartered there are Hot Topic and Direct TV.

Student government elections. One poster reads: “Peachy! Glen Smith says “vote for me” but you don’t have to.”

You really get a flavor of the times when you check out old yearbooks – often featuring images of the politics and pop culture of the day.

Meet your library staff – including student assistants

This right here. This is why I love looking through old yearbooks. You’ll find the most random, odd, and awkward photographs ever developed. What is going on here? No real explanation is provided; I presume we’re watching a botany class.

An English teacher desperately trying to make things relevant for the young generation. “Cut loose”, “you swing”!

This is some kind of “Modern Instrument” to help with foreign language class.

A look at the class of ’69; the hippy wave hadn’t quite touched Workman High yet. Not to worry, I’m sure the 1972 yearbook is full of long haired, unwashed Boomers.

You don’t need to be a body language expert to see that this lad is highly nervous and awkward talking to these girls.

A nice look down main street. I’m sure these businesses have all closed down long ago when the Wal-Mart came to town. You can see two kids’ bikes parked outside the House of Pets – I picture a wholesome scene inside of children eyeing new puppies.

A sponsor of the yearbook; a nice snapshot of a scene from a world long since passed.

A local hangout – Bob’s Big Boy (started in Glendale, CA – not far from here).

One comment

  1. I love the modern language machine placed so high that the pretty young teacher has to stretch up to do anything with it.

    The nervous young man has super-high high-waters.


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