JVC Video the Better Way VHS Booklets (1980)

Here’s some vintage VHS booklets when the medium was new. Video the Better Way: A New Art for a New Age. JVC VHS. There are five booklets in here, Basics, Production, Enhancement, Applications, and Supplements. I didn’t see a copyright date, but it does mention the equipment lineup “as of December 1980.” I couldn’t scan it without damaging the binding, so I took photos as best as I could.

I didn’t actually know anyone who owned a VCR until about 1985. Before that we had to rent the machine along with the movie, and it wasn’t cheap. Plus, we then had to convince one or our parents to allow us to mess around with the wires behind the TV to hook the unit up. It was cheaper and easier to go out to eat or cruse around all night.

Look at the size of those VCRs and cameras! VCRs with wired remotes!

JVC’s Lineup of Home Video Cameras

Check out the map of the world’s color TV broadcasting systems.

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