Arcade Magazine (1983)

This issue of Arcade was actually the flip-side of Dynamite issue #104. You flipped the Dynamite over and turned it upside down revealing a new magazine about video games and entertainment technology.

There isn’t a lot of content as it’s really half a magazine, but still a lot of fun to look at. Let’s check it out.

I wasn’t able to find much on the “Robotorium” convention with a quick google search. I presume it’s not around anymore – maybe absorbed into the many Comic-Con venues.

The face of instant regret.

Take the video game quiz!

Man, I loved Tempest; very basic graphics, but a lot of fun -always worth the quarter.

Never knew the Asteroids saucer had a name… and what’s the story behind it?

Part of the joy of reading old magazines is that you know how the story ends, but the authors don’t. So, it’s interesting, for example, to see the optimism and joyous hype surrounding the upcoming E.T. game….. knowing that it would become the straw that broke Atari’s back. A truly awful game (I owned it) that became one of the dominoes leading to the downfall of Atari and subsequently bursting the video game bubble – not to be revived until Nintendo. Many of you know of the fabled hole in the desert where thousands upon thousands of surplus E.T. cartridges were buried.

I don’t know about you, but for me, most synthesizer music from the 1980s just doesn’t hold up. It sounded cool at the time, but the novelty wore off.

There was a tendency to insert technology into everything back then – even where it added no improvement; it’s there for the sheer gimmick. For instance, was the gameplay for this Monopoly set enhanced by the “Playmaster” chirping “We’re in the Money”? The answer is a resounding NO.

Much like today, there were a lot of video game competitions where the victors found themselves, for a brief moment, in the limelight.

Note even remotely funny.

This insert is great – I remember Dynamite and Bananas very well. I’d forgotten about Hot dog! – I believe I owneda Mork & Mindy issue.

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