SuperMag (1981)

SuperMag v5 n6 (1981)

SuperMag was one of those kids’ magazines, along with Dynamite and Bananas, that you’d get from your scholastic book club or the school book fair – hardly ever found at your local magazine rack.

They’re a treasured memory among Gen-Xers because they were just loaded with full-color pop culture fun. The kids who got SuperMag from their book orders were the envy of any classroom. Let’s have a look at a few from ’81 starting with the Flash Gordon issue from 1981.

I loved the Flash Gordon movie; you could perhaps call it a predecessor to Thor: Ragnarok – it has a similarly campy and over-the-top sci-fi action vibe. An interesting tidbit from this article – that Dino De Laurentis spotted Sam Jones from The Dating Game.

With Father Merrin from The Exorcist as Ming the Merciless.

Nowadays, if you wanted to do a pictorial on a sneaker factory, you’d have to go deep undercover in a Chinese slave labor camp.

SuperMag v5 n11 (1981)

Clash of the Titans – every kid in ’81 was hyped about this movie.

They were only around a few years, but made every album count – each one a classic that will be listened to for decades to come. Not a lot of groups like this around anymore (I’d argue there aren’t any, but will exercise self-control and refrain from ranting about the absolute state of the current music scene).

SuperMag v5 n5 (1981)

“Mork plays super sailor” – I love how Robin Williams is still best known as Mork.

For another look inside the covers of a SuperMag, check out the Cosby issue.

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