The Frontiersman – A Vegas Casino Newsletter (Winter 1971-72)

The Frontier Hotel and Casino opened on the Las Vegas Strip in 1942 and closed its doors in 2007. It was originally owned by a Detroit mafia family, then purchased by Howard Hughes in ’67. This is the internal newsletter for the Frontier staff.

The maintenance crew gets a shout out in this Frontiersman issue.

An older couple gets the high-class treatment by Horst Frank and his wife. Horst G. Frank was appointed in 1971 as the General Manager of the Howard Hughes hotel property.

“Many housewives are frequently at a loss for what to fix for dinner. Next time any of our staff are in this dilemma, they might consider throwing together the following little potluck spread.”

Robert Goulet manhandles the publisher of a Vegas entertainment publication. At bottom, a fashion columnist poses with the Supremes (clearly missing a certain Ms. Ross).

Jack Jones is one of those guys who is barely remembered today, but was absolutely huge in his day. Yeah, he sang The Love Boat theme, but had a million other big hits (and came extremely close to being the Manson Family’s target.

The “Super Six” who plan the conventions. I’m sure the three secretaries standing did the majority of the work and received little pay.

What an eclectic list of convention groups – beer wholesalers, Mormon grocers, truckers, roller rink owners, and dry cleaners.

Ed Sullivan and wife, looking really, really old. They’d been married since 1930; he passed away a couple years after this photo.

A group in for the Texas Longhorns game vs. UCLA

Jerry Vale married Rita, a burlesque dancer, in 1959.

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  1. Excellent stuff. Jerry Vale and Jack Jones are well known to all thrift-store record bin scroungers. Not as well known today, they must have been popular from the sheer number of albums available. I’m sure Ripplin will be able to comment to that.


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