Longwood HS, Class of 1969 Yearbook

Longwood High School (Middle Island, NY) – Lions Den Yearbook, Class of 1969

This is actually one of the more unique yearbooks I’ve come across due to the non-traditional format to the class pictures. Instead of just an awkward head shot, we get the full body of every single student in the school.

Not only do they show the entire body, but they have some of them doing interesting poses with props and so forth.

The downside of this format is, I suppose, that it takes up almost the whole yearbook leaving little space for clubs, sports, etc. sections. Nonetheless, it makes for fun viewing fifty years later.

The underclassmen are a bit more squeezed in than the seniors

The math club. Shocking – I’ll bet you thought this was the varsity football team.

The honors students – looking extremely self-important

This seemed weird to have in the yearbook. A full page no less.

This is amazing, and just makes it all worth it. The court to the Prom Queen’s left is perfect – and I want a “Dazed and Confused” movie just about them…

Why is the girl on the right looking terrified? And why is the other girl giving a knowing side-glance? What’s the backstory here? And the guy on the right strikes me as a 1970s version of Pete Campbell from Mad Men…. and the guy on the left? Well, he’s clearly just too cool for school.

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