Begin to Knit (1960s)

I’ve been saying for a long time that the funnest place to look for vintage fashions are the DIY pamphlets.  As opposed to the high-gloss and high-end style pages from Vogue and Cosmo, you get a much better view of the fun (and often tacky) styles of the day via needlework booklets (and Sears catalog pages).

This particular booklet doesn’t list a date, but it’s obvious that it’s from the mid-sixties.  It’s only a few pages, but a great piece of needlework a-go go.

“Zowie, you’re in!”  There were a lot of beginner’s needlework booklets produced in the mid to late sixties aimed at the younger generation.  The reason, I’m sure, is because of the size of Boomer population – the textile companies would be fools to not heavily target this generation.  I also wonder, with needlework no longer a required skill among young ladies, if there was a bit of desperation to get these girls knitting like their mother’s generation.

This booklet has some pretty fun illustrations throughout.

This section has girls knitting socks for her beau – a real “go-go guy”.

Don is so dreamy.  I hope he appreciates these socks.

Is it just me, or does her left hand look peculiarly bent?  Not something that you’ll see in those polished issues of Vogue.

The million dollar question is how often people actually wore these DIY fashions.  While, I can attest that we certainly wore them –  these bold “creative” ones, not so much.

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