Bachelor’s Beat – March 21, 1969

Page 1

I have stacks of the Arizona newspaper Bachelor’s Beat – and reading through them, you get the impression that Phoenix was a swingin’ male paradise, with cocktail lounges and go-go dancers around every corner.

Let’s have a look at the March 21st issue. If you want to read the articles click on the image or the link below each image to view enlarged page.

Page 2

We get the bachelor’s perspective on The Pill, as well as plans for the new Aquarius concert venue. Among the bands scheduled to play are Jethro Tull and Kaleidoscope – a band that is underrated and their best album is currently not on Spotify.

Page 3
Page 4
Page 5
Page 5
Page 6
Page 7

Barb looks like she should be the receptionist at the local credit union, not the Bar-Keep at the “Devil’s Den”.

Forget Claudia, they’ve got “3 Pool Tables”!

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