Bluffton HS, Class of 1973 Yearbook

Enjoy some highlights from the Retrospect, the Bluffton High School yearbook, class of 1973, Bluffton, Indiana.

Office Education Association chapter of BHS – “Designed to provide leadership, confidence and the sense of belonging, the 1972-73 club involved nearly 30 girls. Interested in perfecting their office abilities, the girls tested their short hand, typing and office procedures in a number of area contests.”

Basically, training girls to be secretaries.  I won’t even bother to Google, and presume this sort of thing doesn’t exist anymore.

A picture of the student newspaper (The Comet) staff at work.  It seems so old timey, perched behind their “antique” typewriters.  It seems like only yesterday.

“The Comet Staff Tells It Like It Is.  Ten students composed the 1972-73 Comet staff, collecting news for the bi-monthly paper distributed to BHS students free of charge. Everyone took his turn at the role of editor throughout the year. The staff policy was to express student opinion, yet respect the administration’s responsibility to the community.”

“Swing Choir Gets With It, Expressing Themselves Musically.  Swing Choir, composed of 16 select BHS students performed at various community functions throughout the school year. The boys wore attractive costumes of red and white while the girls donned red dresses with black collars.”

Moving on from band, let’s meet the popular girls…

The BHS School Board. I guess the females must have stepped out for some fresh air?

What in the world are they doing? St =B, L=D… huh?

The prom king has quite an impressive porn ‘stache.

I’m going to hazard a guess that the guy in the top-middle was bullied by the top-right guy.

Contact lenses weren’t a thing yet, and glasses styles were pretty basic and unattractive.

Man, the class of ’73 were real lookers weren’t they?


    • Oh yeah – I definitely remember McCann. He was in everything (Herbie, CHOMPS, Bob Newhart, etc.) but I never found the guy remotely funny.


      • Yeah, I couldn’t stand the guy. His horrible hair bugged me. I’ve kinda softened in my dislike for him in recent years, I think because he was in reality a really good guy and kept working up until his death last year.


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