Space/Aeronautics Magazine (May 1969 + Supplement July 1969)

This is the last set of Space/Aeronautics magazine for now. This post will include the May 1969 issue and an Aerospace Products issue.

So this is an ad for resistors, but at least it is more interesting than the earlier issues.

North American X-15

The X-15 was used for research making space travel a reality. It reached speeds of over Mach 6! That’s 4,520 miles per hour! Sounds even more impressive in kilometers: 7,274 per hour!

F-14 Tomcat

“When I lost 19 lbs. men suddenly found me exciting again.”

Last month’s woman with a long-sleeve halter is much more attractive than a woman with tin foil hair. Is she scared of those phallic objects, or is this part of a sacred ritual for those with tin-foil hats?

B-17 Flying Fortress

We used to have a 1969 Pontiac station wagon just like that. It had over 100,000 miles on it when my dad sold it, and it was stolen from the person we sold it to and found in Washington state. My dad said, “Well, I guess it still had a few more miles in it.” My mother had nicknamed the car “Betsy.” Did anyone else have families who named the cars?

“How long will your wife stay beautiful?” What a way to start an ad looking for engineers! “A lot depends on you. You’re the breadwinner. If you’re happy, she’s happy. If you’re prosperous, she’s prosperous.” … “It’s amazing, but Allison engineers all seem to have beautiful wives.” Allison, an Equal Opportunity Employer. Holy. Mackerel.

This begins the supplement, which is oversized and hard to scan.

This page says, “Out here a fifty cent O-ring has to work like a million bucks.” Something tragically proven true in 1986.

Martin Marietta X-24A Lifting Body

I know co-blogger Gilligan has a thing for women in min-skirts at computers.

I hope you’ve enjoyed a bit of Space/Aeronautics from 1969!


  1. Thanks for keeping Retrohound rolling while I’ve been away – these are amazing. That Titanium Extrusion ad may be the finest ad I’ve ever seen. “How long will your wife stay beautiful?” – what a find!


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