Space/Aeronautics Magazine (April 1969)

Continuing our trip through some 1969 Space/Aeronautics magazines in honor of the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing. As I said before, there is some really great art work in these ads.

The April issue suddenly has some interesting advertising, instead of pictures of boring capacitors, transistors, and industrial materials, we now have a Jabberwocky?

A can of sardines? I find that picture rather revolting, sorry Lockheed. I guess it is more interesting than a photo of a resistor.

Aspirin logistics?

What is it with women in yellow dresses for this magazine?

I just included this one for the gorgeous sky.

Dig the long-sleeve halter top and chain belt.

The Cold War was still going strong, so an article on Soviet bombers.

Meet the world’s dumbest Ph.D. The researcher who would like his ideas put to work. Nothing like this in the older issues. They must have hired a new advertising editor.

Oh good, they have organic ingredients for bombs.

What the heck? A wooden crate head? An early incarnation of the Unknown Comic?

I wonder if this prediction about more airfreight than passengers came true? I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s that way now, but in 1980?

More whimsical ads means fewer beautifully artistic ads.

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