Spam and Flair Squares – Ads from Family Circle (April 1980)

I adore this ad.  The miserable housewife gets her “ticket away from it all” via a book club.  As always, you can receive a free tote.

Let’s have a look at a few other ads from the April 1, 1980 issue Family Circle magazine.

Enjoy your Spam-like patties, now with “smoke flavoring added”

Wallpapering was miserable, so I can see the appeal of the Flair Squares.  Considering I’ve never heard of this, I question how well these worked.

Jeez.  That old lady looks like she lives in a terrarium.  Somebody please rescue her from that jungle.

Get a new Redman home – drapes included!

On the phone: “Ma’am… are there?  I said we’d like to offer you the job.  Hello? Okay then.  Never mind.”  Well, at least her hair looks nice.

This ad blows my mind.  Was gas siphoning that big of a problem in 1980 to warrant a full page ad?  It makes it look like a matter of life and death – all it needs is a sinister figure approaching the phone booth.

“Nothing beats it for stopping wetness.  Not even the he-man sprays.”

“Sure I wanted a microwave oven, but I had no place to put it.”  File under “First World Problems”.

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