Smokes, Soap and Naughty Drape Advertising – BH&G (Feb 1964)

Just some random advertisements from the February 1964 issue of Better Homes & Gardens…

Any idea what a “Micronite” filter is?  Me neither, but they say its adsorptive, so it must be good.

Speaking of adsporptive, these paper towels are great at absorbing shrimp juice…

So, stick a note slyly in your husband’s hat to call the moving service… or, on second thought, your husband may have “a way of losing notes”,  and just call them yourself.  Also – how did they manage to make the word “sanitized” a registered trademark?

Josephine, “TV’s Lady Plumber”

I don’t know what sort of material Kleenex was made from in ’64, but there’s no way it stands the Harry James test today.

“Look, George, the trouble is you don’t have any imagination.”  Wow.  I’ve seen a lot of sexual innuendo in advertising, but this may top them all.  Who’d have thought a drapery hardware ad would be so… phallic?

Speaking of…

This booklet, “Yeast Baking and You” looks fun.  “Gossipy sweet buns”, “Well adjusted loaf” – I love it!

I tried for a while to figure out the purpose of showing white-gloved hands unlocking a door.  Turns out, it’s just a woman coming home from the dentist with a tube of Crest.


  1. And here I thought the dentist was breaking into a house to leave some Crest toothpaste. I wonder if the gloves are Sanitized ® ? And what’s the deal with the giant wooden keys people had hanging like in the first picture?


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