Sears, Roebuck and Co. Diamond Jubilee Catalog (1961)

Psychotic children

Our library had an old 1961 Sears, Roebuck and Company catalog, celebrating their 75th anniversary.

It was withdrawn with only two check-outs since 1961, so I grabbed it.

I know we’ve probably all seen the bottom left picture with the kid strapped in the car, but now you know where it comes from.

I was going to scan the toys, so I went right to the back of the catalog, but no toys! I went to the index and toys were on 4 pages! Two and a half pages were slides, swings, and things like that. That’s it. We ’70s kids didn’t know how good we had it with our Sears Wish Book.

I like the Hot Rod pedal car, called a “Scat Car” on the seat back.

Some cool early 1960s bicycle headlamps and accessories.

Reel-to-reel tape decks are pretty collectable today. Don’t that ones from Sears are collectable.

Some cameras from back when you had to actually plan to take pictures and bring the camera with you. Then, you had to send off the film and wait for a week to see how many pictures were blurry or had heads cut off.

And the wonderful home movies. They even sold records to play music while your slide show or silent home movie played.

Can you imagine ordering an engine rebuild kit from Sears? Can you imagine there being enough demand that a store that sold undergarments, sofas, and lamps also sold pistons and rings? People complain about cars today, and yes, they are harder to work on, but you don’t have to work on them nearly as often as you used to.

Allstate motorcycles?

Today it’s “OK kids, you can ride the cart, just don’t go over 3 MPH. And wear your helmet and knee pads.”

Craftsman tools!

Kenmore sewing machines. The bottom one here looks like a very old style, even for 1961.

Now I have heard of Silvertone guitars. Not much good, but I have heard of them.

Still selling 78s in 1961?

Dang! Ninety cents more for stereo! And you could also get 4-track tapes.

Man, I did this lamps and light fixtures!

And the star-shaped wall clocks! Who doesn’t love those! I was sad when my grandparents got rid of their old one.

I think one of my grandmothers had the poodle bathroom set.

There’s lots more, perhaps someday I’ll do another post. I didn’t even scan any of the fashions, or any furniture. And there’s more of almost every category (except toys!) Let me know if you’d like anything in particular.


  1. -That’s a lot of bike light styles. And the combined output of all of them still doesn’t light up the path in front of you.
    -Sears engine parts – that’s hilarious to think of these days.
    -The 2 larger cycles might be made by Puch. I bet they’re highly collectible today.
    -Some of the Silvertone guitars were actually pretty cool. My sister still has a ’60s Silvertone acoustic “Beatles” guitar.
    -Love the pull-down lamps. My grandma had one over her chair.
    -Those clocks!
    -Man, that poodle bathroom set is just too much! Amazing.

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