Black Satin Vinyl 1957

I bought this record – The George Shearing Quintet And Orchestra ‎– Black Satin Part 2 – not only for the compelling cover, it’s also a little unusual.  The record is a 7″ Part 2 of a 3 part album.  What the hell?  Were they trying something new?

You can find the music pretty easily online (here, for example), so I won’t post the tracks for this one.  It’s sound is a bit generic, although certainly smooth and pleasant.  It’s the packaging that really piqued my interest.

George Shearing with his own inimitable styling creates appealing music that will set a delightful backdrop for any romance— as suitable for the girl in blue gingham as it is for the lady in luxurious “Black Satin.”


    • I’ll second RetroHound and also say I’m glad to see you around. Your blog is great.
      With these vinyl oddities you have on your blog – I’m always so curious what they sound like. It used to be so easy to just share a track or two (back in the days of Retrospace); now it seems to be rather difficult. You can find most by digging through YouTube, but I’d love to be able to just click and listen to a few of yours – like Newfoundland’s Greatest Storyteller! I’m going to try and find some avenue for this site. Cheers!


      • Thanks, Gilligan! Yeah, there are definitely certain albums where I’d love to share, but can’t find anything, and don’t really have time for converting and whatnot. Maybe for something like Al Clouston, I could just play it and film with my phone, at least to give a flavor of it. Don’t need super great audio quality for someone just talking anyway. 😉


  1. They did several of these, Jackie Gleason (music, not comedy) has some. A FB group I’m in (Retro Cocktail Hour) has several people who are avid fans of Shearlng. I’m with you though.

    And Ripplin, nice to see you here!


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