“They Called Me Mrs. Fancypants” and Other Tepid Tales from Secrets Magazine (1962)

I love the article titles to these vintage pulps for women – they were always so insanely over-the-top.  While the men’s pulps had your standard “Weasels Ripped My Flesh” and “The Free Love Girls Who Started a Cycle Gang War”, the women’s pulps had tawdry titles like “My Mother Used My Body as a Man Trap!” or “Dear God My Child Is Having Devil Spells!”.

However, Secrets magazine had rather tame titles that don’t quite live up to the lurid splendor of the truly trashy pulps – such as “They Called Me Mrs. Fancypants”…

 This is from the August 1962 issue.  Let’s look at a couple more from this one…

“I’d give anything to come home to a hot dinner and an easy chair and a plain decent wife – not a woman who had just one thing on her mind.”

Moving on to September 1962 (cover at top of post):

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