Surreal Fashions from a 1959 German Magazine

So, I came upon this German magazine called Brigitte from January 1959 and was blown away by this fashion spread.  It’s a wonderfully surreal tour through a bizarre carnival.  The cover of the magazine is below…

The article is titled “Hier beginnt unser grober faschingsteil. Das erste Fest: Im Hexenkessel”  Google translate gives us: “Here begins our rough carnival part. The first party: In the cauldron”.  Obviously, something is getting lost in translation here – but I get the gist. The theme of the fashion spread is a tour through a carnival.  

“In Der Guten Alten Zeit”; Google Translation:”In the Good Old Days”

“Auf deim Meeresrund” = “On the Seabed”

“Im Urwald” = “In the Jungle”

We’ll return to Brigitte later, as it has some awesome advertising illustrations- but I just had to share this wild tour through a German carnival.  Cheers.

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