Real Detective (December 1950)

Real Detective, December 1950

This Real Detective magazine from December 1950 (volume U[???] number 2) doesn’t have the thrilling cover that Thrilling Detective might have had, but they came up with some great names for the stories, and some very interesting ads.

Be a fingerprint expert!

Google found one relevant result for “J. Barnes Detective School.” It was from Aruba Esso News, 1967, scanned by the University of Florida (thank you U of F!), and one “Mr. Hermans completed correspondence courses from the Institute of Applied Science (finger print reading) and from J. Barnes Detective School (detective and ballistic), both in the U.S.” My guess is Mr. Hermans was a big fan of these magazines.

What’s this? Insurance that works with Any Hospital! Any Doctor!? Get a look at the guy in the car in the Sickness or Accident photo.

What a great Noir photo! Looks like Hume Crone. What a great title for an article, Case of the Accomplished Confessor.

What man wouldn’t want a Jig Saw/Sander/Filer/Blower?

Makes clothes look swell

Terror in Timbuctoo, now there’s a great name. This Timbuctoo seems to be in California.

Sorry I haven’t figured out how to get these images side-by-side. It was easier in the old days before the blogging software decided we were all idiots and had to do it all for us. I’ll remember to scan them that way next time. I especially wish this next one was side-by-side. It’s just such an awesome title.

Beautiful, but for the nose. What a beautiful title!

I’m afraid Secret of the Green-Eyed Blonde is a rather generic title by 1950.

A Slug for Laura Mae.

No Man Smells That Sweet. Not sure I like that title. It does grab the attention, however. Who killed the piano tuner? Why would you do that? We want our pianos in tune! Nothing worse than some kid banging on an out of tune piano!

Check out these ads below.

There are several ads about “ruptures.” Did they not do surgery for hernias back then? What’s the deal?

Amazing how many of these same types of ads were in so many comics and magazines of the 1970s.

Bronzed baby shoes used to be a big deal. My parents have my baby shoes bronzed. I remember the first time I found out those were my shoes on the bookshelf, I was puzzled why anyone would bother.

Mental Poisoning! Sounds like a good name for punk band.

The strip-tease necktie that glows in the dark!

I’m curious about these Flexiclogs.

I want the 4 piece schnozola.

Beltone is still going strong.

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  1. Nice! A lot of work – down to every last page. I actually like the one-page view, as it’s easier to read the content.


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