Co-Ed Magazine Ads – September 1962

Let’s have a look at some advertisements from “the high school magazine for career girls and homemakers of tomorrow”.

This issue’s Co-Ed Cover Girl is Norma Schraeder of Wichita, Kansas.  “It smells so nice you’d never guess it’s medicated”.

I love it!  You buy a Sheaffer pen, and you get a coupon for a record featuring Duke Ellington  and Miles Davis.

Pepsi, “for those who think young!”

Introduce your date to your parents properly, such as “Mother, this is Jim Jones”. “And by all means pay extra attention to your shy pals!”  So sayeth Heinz.

“Tom, Mother says we can rehearse here…. yes, she’ll be in the same room staring at us intensely without blinking, but we can rehearse here.”

The “all new party” seems so wholesome compared to today.  If you could go back, would you?  

Vicki Baker is as “natural as apple pie” and has ambitions to be a stewardess. 

Noxzema “uncorks” clogged pores and blackheads.  Gross.

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