Western Families Live Better with Gold Strike Stamps (1969)

Before you could plop down your Platinum Ultra-Rewards Visa Mega-Fiesta Card, you actually had to be cost conscious, and pay with real money. Collecting stamps was a good way to stretch those dollars. And look at the glorious items you could get for diligently filling out your stamp book…

24 full books will get you an electric guitar, and a mere 173 books (!) will get you this color TV.

“I’m so sorry your bird died, Judy. But mommy’s put pretty flowers in the cage. Doesn’t that make you happy?”
Gaze upon my magnificent stamp-made splendor!
What the hell is this boy doing? Is he having a seizure?
Those kids are all about those decorative apples.
She’s more than ready to enjoy the tunes of West Side Story

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