SuperMag (1981) – The Bill Cosby Issue

Well, we did the Bill Cosby edition of Electric Company, so why not another kid’s magazine featuring the lovable and harmless Coz? So, here is SuperMag, volume 5, number 12 from 1981.

Last I heard, his wife Camille (pictured above) hadn’t even visited him in prison and was taking steps to leave him. Sad.

Cosby played a huge part in the pop culture world for seventies kids – well before The Cosby Show. He was the man behind Fat Albert, and popped up in kids shows (remember “Picture Pages”?) and those I Spy reruns.

Speaking of being a part of pop culture – Daisy Duke was every seventies boy’s dream girl. Charlie’s Angels were hot, but they didn’t wear denim hot pants like this. Bach wore them so perfectly the style is named after her to this day.

This seams like something I would have loved in 1981 – yet, I don’t recall ever seeing it. Was it any good?

A peek inside the world’s nerdiest camp. While the rest of us were learning how to give and receive wedgies at camp, these kids were learning how to be billionaires.

You’re supposed to guess which alien goes with which planet. Admittedly, I’m not sure on a couple of these. For instance, which planet is the grey cloud alien? By the process of elimination it would seem to be Venus – but why?

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