Redbook (August 1954)

Here a bunch of pages from the August 1954 issue of Redbook – featuring Judy Garland on the cover promoting her new musical, A Star Is Born.

It’s Redbook, so there’s no chance this is about an illicit lesbian romance – but it sure does make the mind go in that direction.

I love the names for the hairstyles – “Miss Liberty”, “Aloha” and “Jasmine”.

This poor kid. Let’s hope the boys at school never caught wind of this advertisement.

Mid-century magazine illustrations – an underappreciated art. I really dig the look of this style.

Little do you realize people are using black magic against you. Sounds pretty sensational – but, really, the article is mostly about how you shouldn’t be superstitious.

Each bottle of shampoo contains one whole egg!

“You little fool. You play like you have some of God in your fingers and you care about being lonely?”

Judy Garland is back – for A Star Is Born. It was originally a 1937 film, then it became a musical this year (with James Mason); then remade a couple decades later with Kris Kristofferson and Streisand. (Then yet again with Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga.)

I’ll say it again – mid-century magazine and pulp art was incredibly; much more skillful and creative than it had a right to be. Of course, not always…

This “Psychologist’s Casebook” example is very clearly meant to teach mothers not to baby their children, or they’ll grow up to be a simpering manchild.

Back to school clothes for mid-century girls
This invention is actually rather brilliant.

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