Montgomery Ward Fall/Winter 1978 – Young Men’s Fashion

Summer break is over, and your mom is taking you back-to-school shopping at Montgomery Wards. Here are your 1978 high school and junior high wardrobes…

She really digs that nylon-acetate print shirt. You’ll be the king of Martin Van Buren High this year – I can feel it.

Pocket designs were BIG in this year. This guy’s pitiful star is nothing compared to some of the bedazzled pockets from Jordache.

Is it just me, or do you also hear the “Stranger Things” music playing?

Man I hated those “Western” style shirts. This Floral Cowboy has got to be feeling a little self conscious, unlike the fella below who has totally embraced Montgomery Ward Western-wear.

“Tina, you fat lard, come get some DINNER!”

In just a few short years, these young executives will be on Wall Street snorting cocaine off prostitutes and gambling away our economy.

Does this poor guy up front even realize he’s being bullied?


  1. God, late ’70s winter jackets were the best! Amazing and bold styling. It’s too bad the gay community took over rainbow stuff. Can’t even use a vintage 6-color Apple sticker any more or people think you’re doing it for the gays.


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