The Bionic Woman Board Game (1976)

So, I decided to scan my Bionic Woman board game. It may not live up to the box cover, but still was a lot of fun to look back on.

A convoluted mess of a board if I’ve ever seen one. But the cards are dynamite…

The card deck consists of a bunch of “Adventure” cards, with a few special ones here and there.

Circus animals escape! And Jamie is on the scene to smack the hell out of those lions.

The flip-side of the card was a cool purple picture of the Bionic Woman.

Here’s the cougar attack depicted on the front of the box. “Killer Cougar Endangers Livestock!” Not sure that net is going to cut it, but okay.

Yes! The Six Million Dollar Man has arrived.


  1. we used to play this with the neighbor girl i grew up with in the late 70”s. she knew english and translated everything to me. i wish i could go back to those times.


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