SuperTeen Magazine (July 1979)

This issue has a lot of KISS content (we’ll cover this in a later post) – which doesn’t quite seem to fit in a girls’ teen magazine. Late seventies “Tiger Beat” style magazines could care less about glam rock – they were interested in the faces below…

Which is your dream date? If “you dig guys who wear foxy French-cut jeans [and] fitted shirts”, you might just be a match for Leif Garrett.

Erik Estrada enjoys Gershwin and Andy Gibb, and “I don’t like pussycats – I’m far more interested in a tough tigress.”

We know that almost all the words they attribute to the celebrities are completely fabricated. You know Brooke Shields had nothing to do with this article. But nine year old girls in ’79 wouldn’t know that.

I can’t look at anything with Robin Williams without being profoundly sad. A shame, he brought so much joy to the world.

An extreme close-up of Olivia Newton-John, back before they Photoshopped everything to death. We get quite a look at those gums.

Another tragic figure found in this teen magazine. He was like Barry’s clone; a damn shame he exited the stage so early.

Just watched their TV special which came out around this time (it’s on YouTube). It really was amazing how they went from “How Can You Mend a Broken Heart” to “Night Fever”. Quite a transformation.

I can’t imagine being Leif’s age and being thrown into the seventies at its most decadent with no parental supervision and all the money in the world. His “Behind the Music” is downright depressing.


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