July 1980 Ads – Call Waiting, Contraceptives and Harvey Korman

Ads from the July 1980 issue of McCall’s magazine. Enjoy.

The “Reach out and touch someone” jingle is among the most memorable in history. It was written by David Lucas, the man literally behind the cowbells in “Don’t Fear the Reaper”.

Bell unveils its “Call Waiting” system. This was huge – and for years this was the bane of my existence. I was constantly being interrupted mid-sentence and forced to sit in phone-limbo while my friend or girlfriend would take another call. “Hold on, I’m getting another call – I’ll be right back.” Five minutes later…. not even the dignity of elevator music playing in the background.

Imagine being the actress who has to be the vaginal contraceptive insert model who says it burned. The Friends episode where Joey is the gonorrhea model comes to mind.

I love the “many of expressions of Larry King” concept; some of the individual shots are hilarious.

Tim Conway ranks among the funniest humans to have ever lived – and Harvey Korman was also a comic genius. Imagine having both of them sharing a stage with Carol Burnett each week… television was just better back then. Prove me wrong.

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