Food ’67 – Molded Salads, Whipped Margarine and Meat

From the December 1967 issue of Family Circle, here are visions of food from a half-century ago.

“No seeds – no rinds – no membranes”

Molded meals were the in-thing for 1950s and 60s tables; whether it was salad molds or even salmon molds. If it was encased in gelatin, it was ready to serve.

On the box: “Contains pure liquid safflower oil”

The Chiffon spread is great, but does it emit bursts of light?…

I’m down for some Brer Rabbit molasses, but not so much on my grapefruit. The meat dish, a Peter Brady favorite.

Yes, that bite of steak looks delicious – but you just don’t see meat portrayed like this in today’s advertising. It’s too…. real.

Filet of Beef Wellington

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