Genii Magician’s Magazine (April 1952)

Here’s a few ads and clips from the magician magazine, Genii, April 1952.

Apparently these glasses wilt and break when the unfortunate sipper picks them up… and the crowd laughs hysterically at your public humiliation.

It’s a disappearing candle – so, I’m not sure why it’s labeled as “atomic”. I guess, it was the height of the Cold War and Atomic Age, so perhaps the title makes sense.

The fiftieth anniversary of the Society of American Magicians. At bottom right: Gerrie Larsen, the Conjuring Cowgirl from California.

You hear about these flea (and fly) circuses from the old days – and you have to wonder how they were ever a popular attraction. They were just bugs attached to different things, made to look like they’re doing circus tricks (tight rope walking, sitting in Ferris wheels, pulling carts, etc.).

I think it may be a stretch to call this trick “staggering”. Adjusted for inflation, this Formica cup cost about $92.

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