Ford Presents the Liveliest of the Lively Ones! (1963)

The March 12, 1963 issue of LOOK magazine has a nice multi-page Ford advertisement. These cars are just gorgeous – above, the Falcon Sprint.

Ford Galaxie

Let’s change gears for a minute and check out the Chevy II also featured in LOOK magazine. Your freewheeling days are over – time to trade in your sports coupe for a station wagon…

One comment

  1. RIP Lee Iacocca. At this point he was just starting to add his touch at Ford Division by putting glitz and glamor on Robert McNamara’s boxy, sensible cars. Of course these were just the warmup act for the Mustang the following spring.

    The fullsize Ford’s new, sleeker hardtop roof may have been shaped with NASCAR in mind, but it’s one of the few “looks like a convertible top” roofs to really look good.


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