1984 Auburn v. Miami Program – Bo Jackson and Puerto Rican Rum

I’m an Auburn alum, and so had an interest in this program from ’84, back when Bo Jackson was plowing his way up and down the field with ease. He missed a big portion of this season due to injury, but the following year, he absolutely dominated.

There he is – Number 34 from Bessemer

Bernie Kosar was another big name playing in this “Kickoff Classic”. It was at the end of this season that Kosar started a big controversy – putting his name in the hat for the NFL draft technically before he was eligible.

I love that there’s a big rum advertisement in this program. It was a different time.

One comment

  1. I once went to a Kansas City Chiefs game and they were playing Oakland. We were down by the end zone (for only $13!) and I got a perfect view of a ball going right through Bo Jackson’s hands, losing the chance for a touchdown.


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