Midnight Globe (Oct 1977)

Supermarket checkout aisles used to be lined with the trashiest newsprint tabloids imaginable. Midnight Globe was your typical middle-of-the-road publication, obsessed with Elvis, the Kennedys, and health scares. Let’s have a look at a few pages of celebrity gossip, including insight into Wonder Woman’s actual ESP powers.

Just a few points of interest here. Richard Burton defines his stages of intoxication: “friendly, aggressive, possessed by the devil, self-pitying and hung-over.” Mick Jagger and Bianca are settling their divorce, and Mark Hamill falls off his bike.

What’s rather interesting about the Hamill story is that the supposed bicycle spill was probably the car accident that disfigured his face. He looked quite different in his return in The Empire Strikes Back. It says it occurred during filming of “Stingray”, which we can presume was the working title for Corvette Summer.

Carrie Fisher spoke about the accident:

“I was still shooting ‘Star Wars’ when Mark got into the car accident. It was a really bad accident. Miraculously his teeth didn’t shatter. But his nose did. He had to have some of his ear put into his nose. So they adjusted the film with this snow monster to right away in the movie scratch his face to account for his looks being different.”

Jane Seymour is dating Roman Polanski, who is currently awaiting mental tests subsequent to his rape charges to see if he can remain in the States. We all know how this turned out – with Polanksi a US fugitive to this day.

The movie Heroes came out at the height of the Fonzie phenomenon. Note that Fonzie literally “jumped the shark” the month before this article (September 1977), so it was probably wise that Winkler decided to explore roles outside Happy Days.

Heroes was actually a pretty big success, and also featured Harrison Ford in his first role after Star Wars. But it was soon forgotten – not providing any lasting cultural impact.

The Midnight Globe writes that Lynda Carter claims to have had psychic powers since she was a child. She and her sister would levitate objects and communicate via ESP. Okay, I’m going to call BS on this one.

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