Weekly Reader Book Club (Oct 1981)

Who doesn’t remember the Weekly Reader? I’m not sure how universal it was in the US, but it seems as though they were distributed in classrooms in most schools – in wide circulation as far back as the early 1930’s. The October 30, 1981 issue has an interesting book club insert…

It doesn’t get much more “early eighties” than these book selections: Judy Blume novels were ubiquitous back then. Do you remember the Cosmic Christmas animated TV special? I haven’t read the Halloween story, The Night the Scarecrow Walked, but looking online, many have fond memories of it scaring them to death as a kid. And, of course, we have the cutesy kitten poster – another late seventies/early eighties staple.

Some real gems here: A couple movie books – Clash of the Titans and Dragonslayer, another Judy Blume, and more horror – Revenge of the Dolls and Monster Maker. They really understood their demographic, also offering a shark joke book and a Dukes of Hazzard poster!

It’s an embarrassment of riches with a Frankenstein comic book and the “further adventures of Luke Skywalker and friends” in The Empire Strikes Back paperback.

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