Vegas Postcards (1965)

If I had I time machine, I’d go to Vegas in 1965. This was peak America; maybe catch Sinatra or Dino at the Sahara, put on your best suit for some cards at the Dunes, and wind down with cocktails and burlesque at the Stardust. Truly living the dream.

Wait – where are all the morbidly obese tattooed men and women?

Is this where Dean Martin meets Stella Stevens in The Silencers? This pool would be way too small today for a big resort.

Men in their best suits, ladies in elegant gowns, cigarette girls, no stupid pop-culture themed slots… this must be paradise.

The postcard fold-out cover

Crash Corrigon had that famous ranch “Corrigonville” – a tourist attraction and filming location for numerous westerns. In 1966 he sold it to Bob Hope, who renamed it “Hopetown”… just a few years after this postcard. I wonder if was sold to settle some Vegas gambling debts. Just a theory.

It’s all about the strip these days in Vegas; the northern Fremont Street area isn’t what it used to be.

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