Parents Magazine (April 1962) Advertising

Let’s take a step back to when appliances were pink and look at some advertisements from the April 1962 issue of Parents magazine.

This housewife is getting way too emotional about her bread. If you go through this roller coaster of emotions over bread, maybe consider lowering the milligrams of mother’s-little-helper.

Hey, I think this kid is giving us the bird.

There’ll be no model boat painting when dad’s irregular. When his bowel evacuation gets difficult, he totally ignores the kids. Night and day.

Now the kids can have a lighter just like daddy. It even lights up like a real lighter!

Am I the only one that finds this a little disturbing? Yeah, I know this was commonplace to hold the baby up by the ankles and spank (I’m sure it happened to me, in fact) – but it looks downright horrific with those black gloves… and what an odd visual for a children’s shoe ad!

Cover: Parents magazine, April 1962


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