Fix LP (1989)

No, this is not your “One Thing Leads to Another” Fixx – this the Estonian rock/pop group, Fix.

I’ll buy records just out of curiosity – more of a “I wonder what in the wide world this sounds like” motivation than high expectations for quality. And the more off-the-beaten-path the better. On Retro Hound, we’ll try and at least give you at least a taste of the sound, so you won’t be left wondering…

Track 3 Kui Ootan Sind

Track List (translated… somewhat)

  1. Wailing (V. Tamm-V.Tamm)
  2. Motisklus (V.Vassiljev-V.Tamm)
  3. If I Wait For You (P.Jogioja)
  4. Time To Just Be (V.Vassiljev-O.Arder)
  5. Circus (V.Toomemets-J.Sutt)
  6. To Koich (E.Bakhoff-J.Sutt)
  7. Mehe Meel (V.Vassiljev-J.Sutt)
  8. Washman (V.Tamm-V.Tamm)

As you can tell from the clip, it’s pretty bland and forgettable. Still, 1980’s Estonian pop music isn’t something you hear every day, so it was an interesting listen.

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