DIG Magazine (Feb 1962)

I can’t tell you how much I love that someone, likely four plus decades ago, defaced Johnny Crawford on this cover of DIG magazine. If I had to bet, it was the little brother of the girl that owned this teen idol rag.

Illustration for the first article: “Down with Disc Jockeys”

This article is more than a little strange. Ernest L. Kagel spends three pages ranting about how awful today’s music is, and how disc jockeys are to blame since they have a hand in popularizing it. On the one hand, I suspect it’s supposed to ruffle the feathers of the readers – perhaps this is Kagel’s shtick. On the other hand, it’s THREE pages long and starts to really sound like the magazine truly hates this music.

My favorite Paper Mate is Charles Wagner because he thinks Jayne Mansfield is “way out”. I couldn’t have said it better, Charles. Least favorite – Kathy Shorman, who has a thing against guys with mustaches…. Kathy is going to have a really hard time in the seventies.

DIG’s American Beauty this month is Carol who “just finished her first TV acting role on The Dobie Gillis Show” – and it was apparently her last. She’s actually listed in IMDb, and this episode is her only acting credit.

You too can be a DIG girl – just fill out this application, specifying how much makeup you wear to school.

Most of these “HELP” requests could be answered by IMDb or a quick Google search today. Imagine having no way to learn an actor’s name other than mailing a desperate request to a magazine. Such was life just a couple decades ago. I well remember having a rather extensive argument with a friend over who played Jake in Sixteen Candles (one of us – I won’t say who – thought it was Matt Dillon). Today, this would have been resolved in five seconds.

A Philly teen tells us “There are no Negroes in my school. I am not from the south”, but he/she says we should love everybody. “What difference does the color of our skin make? Indians are red, Chinese are yellow, Negroes are brown.”

Also, Jennie La Fray really, really hates Richard Chamberlain. “He makes me sick just watching him. on that show of his. He probably doesn’t know how to read a thermometer. Besides, he’s an awful actor, and isn’t good looking at all.”

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