Sears Fall-Winter Catalog 1974 – Chairs

The 1970s were awash in wicker; and this wicker set atop avacado carpet with the front-and-center snail nick-nack is quintessential mid-seventies style.

$319 was a lot of cash in 1974, but I guess the “Trumpeteer” dining set was worth breaking the bank for. Color options: Jungle Green, Lemon Yellow and Poppy Orange.

Of course Sears’ best recliner is called the “He-Man”. Can your brain even imagine the level of public outrage if this was posted in a catalog today?

These chairs were the height of contemporary cool – yet, in just a few years these would look ridiculously antiquated. It’s amazing how fast tastes changed when the eighties rolled around.

This picture needs more browns.

I’m down with just about any seventies styles – but this is just plain hideous.

I guess to demonstrate the stain-resistant aspect, they had the guy drinking a Coke with his dog (who seems hypnotized by that tiny television).

I just love the color options: Nugget Gold, Glory Red, Cinnabar, Indian Orange. And this lady seems quite captivated by her pillow.



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