Museum of Science and Industry

There’s no date on this, but it looks to be from the late fifties or early sixties. The Museum of Science and Industry is still around and, although I’ve never been there, appears to be going strong.

This reminds me a bit of the “Living with the Land” exhibit at Epcot Center. We used to be enamored by our progress in agriculture and industry – back when the future looked bright with endless possibilities.

Eegad! This poor child is probably still haunted by this Paul Bunyan exhibit.

Is it just me, or is this darkened street a bit on the creepy side? I wouldn’t want to stroll this haunted avenue alone.

“The Transparent Woman” – a much more popular attraction than “The Cunning and Secretive Woman” exhibit.

Rather than spend money on lifelike mannequins, the museum just hired Walter and Herb to stand perfectly still.

The building itself, originally erected to house the fine arts exhibits of the World’s Columbian Exposition of 1893, combines the classical symmetry of Greek architecture and the modern insistence on rugged simplicity with no suggestion of compromise.
The building was first occupied by the Museum in 1933, simultaneously with the start of the Chicago “Century of Progress” World’s Fair. Structurally, it consists of three great pavilions, the east and west pavilions, connected to the larger central one by galleries on two floors. The central dome, rising 120 feel above the main floor, is supported on four enormous piers faced with while Colorado marble, while four great courts, three stories high, form the arms of a cross with the rotunda as a center. Total floor space of the building is approximately 600,000 square feel about 14 acres) of which about 450,000 square feet are allotted lo exhibits and public facilities.
Annual allegiance at the Museum is over three million visitors. While many of these are making their first acquaintance with this vast storehouse of knowledge, a good percentage come three and four times a year. Average lime of visit is over three hours. Admission to the Museum is free at all limes. The Museum is open every day of the year except Christmas.


    • Yep. I believe the first pickup to have a backseat, right? Whatever the case, they seemed durable as hell.


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