Ford Fashions (1976)

This article from the February 1976 issue of “Ford Times” rocked my world. The article features men and women modeling Ford upholstery fabrics! It begins with this poor woman in Pinto plaid.

“Three fashionable new Ford upholstery fabrics – Westminster nylon knit, Touraine ribbed velour and velvety Kasman”

I love how they unveil this new word – “earth tones”. Check out the Hound’s-tooth check called “Compton” – a Pinto exclusive.

One comment

  1. Pinto fun fact – it was designed with a 5-6 year production run in mind, in the end they built them for 10 years at the end of which it was thoroughly outclassed and obsolete, laughably so next to Chrysler’s much roomier front-drive offerings. But there was a gas crunch and the long-since-amortized design and tooling meant Ford could sell the Pinto cheap, so it sold well right through the 1980 model year.


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