Electric Company Magazine (November 1985) – The Cosby Show

What a shame that we can’t look back on The Cosby Show without being reminded of Bill Cosby’s horrible crimes. It’s too bad – the show was a defining pop culture phenomenon of the decade, now tainted by his misdeeds. But let’s try, just for a moment to look past it, and stroll down nostalgia lane as we take a look at the Cosby issue of Electric Company magazine.

Ooosh. These jokes are bad – even by elementary school standards

I love that Rudy’s favorite singer is Cyndi Lauper. “Is your real father like Bill Cosby?” – let’s pray not.

Theo’s favorite movie is the Dennis Quaid film Dreamscape (1984). I find this even odder than Rudy being a Cyndi Lauper fan.


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